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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I don't think the ZHP knob had cutouts either... That's what this DIY is about. He drilled holes for the wires.
Good point. As long as it's not metal, I'd definitely try to modify yours. Once you remove the cap, you can tell if it's doable or not. If not, just put the cap back, sell it, and buy the ZHP.

I asked OP if the ZHP had any metal and never responded, but doesn't look like it, so will order it. By the way, I thought of an easy way to make the boot fit at the same diameter as the ZHP's ring: build up the diameter of the shaft with tape, which will have 2 benefits: OEM fit, and boot has to be cut shorter to get the wider diameter needed; perfect solution, since I don't like the boot sunk that much, like it is now .