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Originally Posted by Ajax-Prime View Post
George, I think it may be an E90 vs E92/E93 thing. Here's a link to the Sport I bought from WKBRDR. It also has the forward pipe scallop.

Link with pic
Ajax - that was precisely my concern, and I asked before finalizing to verify this was an E92 fitment, not the sedan. D'z seemed certain it was, but I certainly can't break the code on what the significance of the scalloped/non-scalloped versions are. My concern is obviously that the non-scalloped version he's sold me is either a) not a Race or b) not proper fitment for my coupe.

BTW - I really appreciate you chiming in, particularly given that you've got a set for sale as well. I hope I don't end up with a problem trying to go a route with connecting pipes....

The posts in the Eisenmann overview thread would lead me to the opposite conclusion from what you posted. It opens with basically small/scalloped = sedan, large/non-scalloped = coupe.

I'm still waiting to hear from him. I've PM'd and faxed my request for clarification to him. I'm obviously not the expert he is, and will likely simply have to rely on his accuracy. I'm cool with that, but am still confused!!!

I'm assuming the E90 version will not fit my coupe. Could anyone verify that for me, perhaps?
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