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So, the glorious day has arrived after weeks of great anticipation by all. The weather is beautifully fall like..a gentle breeze blows as the morning dew glimmers in the HID's of pure German engineering. V8's rumble down winding country lanes, wide tires gripping the tarmac as we sail around corners so gracefully... yeah right... not likely in this friggin storm! What the F#&^ is going on outside!!!

Anyways, a few of us are still heading north tomorrow AM, and those of you who have expressed interest but not yet confirmed your devotion to the cause can PM me either tonight or before 9:30am tomorrow and we can decide where to hook up. Right now there is not much point in posting a meeting place as I can count the number of people going with my thumbs.

If the weather gets any "better" I may try to organize something else in the next few weeks, but then I think my snows will have to go on, and that means no more twistys until spring...

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