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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Nostrum9: What tennets and beliefs must one hold to be an atheist?

I explained in an earlier post why I find these discussions so interesting.

I'll agree that religion has been used to enforce moral systems- I disagree that they are the SOURCE.
Remember, I'm taking a bit of liberty here when I consider hardcore atheism to be a religion. I'm not seriously suggesting that it's an established religion, with a holy book, places of worship, etc. -- it's more of a metaphor, for lack of a better term, to show how extreme beliefs can often times develop into their own groups and ways of thinking.

That said, if I were tasked to come up with the belief system for hardcore atheism from what is currently observable, I would note the following:

- Belief that gods or God cannot and do not exist.
- Belief that a belief in gods or Gods is borderline delusional, if not outright ready for inclusion in the APA's DSM manual.
- Belief that it is the hardcore atheist's duty to inform society why belief in gods or God is wrong.
- Belief that it is the hardcore atheist's duty to ensure that any mentioning of gods or God is removed from all public venues and anything State sponsored (e.g., removal of 'under God' from the Pledge)

And again as a caveat, I've not seen anything from people on this board that would classify them even closely to how I would define hardcore atheism as a religion, so please don't think that I'm accusing you of any part of the above.
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