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Nostrum9: What tennets and beliefs must one hold to be an atheist?

I explained in an earlier post why I find these discussions so interesting.

I'll agree that religion has been used to enforce moral systems- I disagree that they are the SOURCE.

With regards to atheists being the most despised minority; you only have to look towards the elitist all knowing attitude most of them project. Then make the connection that they insult and ridicule the beliefs of the majority and it's obvious as to why the polls reveal this data.
That one is particularly rich. Elitest? We're not the ones claiming to be chosen by and in direct communication with the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Claiming to know only what can be proven is, in my opinion, very humble. I treat religious beliefs no different than any other beliefs. They should not be put on a pedestal. How do you treat the "pastafarians"? How would you treat someone who believed in superheros? What if these people were trying to push an agenda? How are these supernatural beliefs any different?

I'm a skeptic. I'm equally flippant with people like anti-vaxxers, astrology, flat-earthers, chem-trailers, homeopaths, etc. Religion is just the non-evidence based belief that with the most adherents, and that comes up the most often. In the end, they're all beliefs without supporting evidence and none should receive special treatment.

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