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Originally Posted by sokdo View Post
If you're looking for a DD then none of those track times, 1/4, etc matter at all because that's not what you're going to be doing. It just depends on personal preference. Do you like the BMW badge? if so get the 335i, if you like the american muscle type get the stang. Not really hard if it's a DD lol just w/e you like to look at, like driving. Me personally, I love the 335i. It's a great DD, fun to drive, has that punch and can be easily modded for relatively cheap. Is it a track car, no. Is it a beastly 1/4 car? No. Was it meant to be? No.
Yeah I tend to like American muscle more then say euro engineering but after driving a Freinds jb3 335i the other day I was really suprised by the power. It had strong pull thru every gear and was peppy enough for daily street driving. Overall it just seems like a car that I would have a Lot of fun in , i guess it's just a matter of driving the new 5.0 when it comes out.