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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Aren't european AP brakes different then the Stillen/AP kits we get in North American? The EU kits seem to be a bit more tricked out and are monoblocks.
I wonder if the catalogs spec the NA kits or the EU kits?
Chris from AP answered your question with regards street brakes from AP - virtually identical here and there.

The RACING brakes in the pictures of the GT2, GT4, and Z4M (and in the catalog) are full-race products and they're much lighter and built for forced-air cooling. They would be a royal pain on a street car because they're not intended for long periods between rebuilds - no dust shields or anything.

If you look at the AP Racing UK racing products webpages, you will find the calipers that are used on the BMW race cars. They are designed for pad changes from the top. AP does make monoblock racing calipers, but I'm guessing they're intended for those situations (like Le Mans) where the whole assembly of rotor, caliper and pads is changed as a unit. The brake hoses unplug with dry-break connectors and the brake assemblies can be changed almost as fast as changing a tire.