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Originally Posted by nostrum09 View Post
I'm surprised as well, since when you see nationally conducted polls, there tend to be more religious people. Then again, our sample size is pretty small, so we can't really draw any conclusions from the results.

Hopefully the more religious people will see the newer posts and join in again.
Most of us here have had this conversation with carve and it gets rather exhausting. As a debate starts up he will typically make false claims that God said this or God said that. Or simply quote a verse from the bible that is completely out of context.

What i find interesting about these threads is that more often than not, the "religious" people bow out of the conversation because we have better things to do than vehemently oppose atheists. However the atheists, who claim we are imposing our views on them, are willing to spend countless hours posting about their "non-beliefs", ridiculing our beliefs, and eventually casting insults. And because the "religious" gives up the debate the atheists assume victory, or that our faith is a mere crutch that they have whittled away with their infinite knowledge of how man and morels have come to be and how the universe was formed.

On the topic that this thread has changed to; claiming that morals didn't come from the bible and belief in God is just silly. Just because you don't want it to be true doesn't mean it isn't. I'm not religious and frankly am offended when labeled with that term. Offended because religion has been and is tainted by man and his greed for territory, power, and riches.

nostrom09 has presented the most unbiased, logical argument in this thread. Without resorting to an insult or belittling anyone's belief. Sadly, simple human decency has become commendable in these forums.

With regards to atheists being the most despised minority; you only have to look towards the elitist all knowing attitude most of them project. Then make the connection that they insult and ridicule the beliefs of the majority and it's obvious as to why the polls reveal this data.
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