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Thanks! Eric!

First off, a big thanks to Eric@Pyspeed for the super fast shipping and service. These guys seriously rock.

Just got home from work and it was waiting at my door. Couple of observations:

1. The CF quality exceeded expectations. The weave, finish and over all feel of the charger is near perfect. It really feels like something OEM. Compared to the Dinan unit I saw, I would rate the quality higher. The weave is straight and smooth.
2. The gloss finish is really nice. I would say it matches the carbon fiber roof very well.
3. It feels very light.
4. The metal badge is a very nice touch. Adds a nice premium feel to product.
5. The volume of the unit is noticeably bigger then the OEM unit. Hopefully this leads to better performance.
6. Between the Dinan unit and this, I would go with Technocraft. The quality just feels much better.
7. The design is very similar to the Dinan unit I saw.

Now that we covered the look and feel, the important part is next. Does it actually make any power?

I donít know, but hopefully next week weíll find out. I have a dyno session scheduled and Iíll do a before and after run and let you guys know. One stock, one with the charger unit and one with the charger and BMC filter.

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