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Originally Posted by GatorBlue371 View Post
Rumors? what Rumors? Ford CONFIRMED that the new engine was going to make 400/400. And Car and Driver confirmed that the Mustang with a track pack ( a $1500 option on the car) matched an E92 M3 on a road track.

If you are talking about straight line speed, then the mustang (30k+-) is always going to have an edge, and the engine will be easier to work on than anything from BMW. Not to mention no fuel pump problems....

If your talking about on a track, even a 335i with full suspension and engine mods cant keep up with an M3 around a track....

If you want a performance car, get the GT. If you want to overpay for a status car, get the 335i.
WOW, what crawled up your a$$.

As the OP mentioned, high hp newer body stangs are notoriously slow.

OP, i would guess a decently modded 335 (jb3/v3 and exhaust) would put some car lengths on the 400hp mustang.