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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Wow, for $250 that actually is a good price if you want to do a lot of tuning or have grudge races w/ your friends.

Is it open to spectators? I don't think I'd want to make enough passes to justify the cost, but getting some footage of the cars on the track would be nice. Is Craig Lieberman going to be there again? I see his car in the photos from the last event.
You are exactly right. Last time out there, Terry Burger was actually live tuning his car. He would make a pass, then adjust the tune, then make another pass, then adjust the tune, etc.... He kept going faster and faster and faster Also, Powrechip and Evosport were there as well. There is nothing like live tuning the car on the track. You get to collect data from the real world as opposed to a dyno room where you can not simulate 120 mph winds or adjust for road conditions.

Craig has not yet confirmed his schedule. But I will definitely update the list when he does.... it was great having him there last time. Everyone had a blast, and almost everyone broke their own personal best in their cars. I went from 12.5 to 12.2 just by trying different launch techniques and perfecting my shifting

Spectators are welcomed, but they will also be limited in number. We will setup a sign-up sheet for them like we did last time. Track officials do not want more than 50 spectators at $10 per spectator. They do not want this event to be open to the public and they do not want huge amounts of people showing up since they only allocated a certain amount of employees for the event. Again, this is a private event not public.

I will let you know once we setup the spectator sign-up sheet. Hope to see you there....
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