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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
How many runs does $250 buy you? Seems pretty steep
As many as you want

In a private event, there is almost no waiting time at the lines.... so you can make as many runs as your car will handle. This is a good opportunity to practice your launch, your shifting, try different tire setups, suspension, etc.... It is a great way to learn and even "master" your car's abilities (in a straight line). I made 33 to 35 runs in my car last time out In comparison, when I attend Famoso on an open night test n tune, I pay $40 but I wait 7 hours for 3 runs (and that's assuming no body breaks down, which almost always happens on open nights).

Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
Since its a Private day I reckon you can get a bunch of runs in. About as much as you'd want in one day anyway.
You are correct

Please also note that the list will be closed soon. After that happens, we will not accept any more payments or sign-ups, but I will start a waiting list in case of last minute cancelations.
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