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Originally Posted by nostrum09 View Post

I find it interesting as well =) My initial "outrage," if you will, over the comment that religion is for the weak has sparked some good debate. Now we just need some of the more religious people to join the thread!
I'm not the one who made that comment and somewhat disagree, but I thought I understood the point he was trying to make and do see some validity to it.

Gays now are actually a more accepted group that atheists

Not sure where the religious people went. Where's Zell, the OP, too? He started this up and left. Lurking, Zell? Thoughts?

I have to say though- I'm pretty surprised only 1/3 of respondents identified themselves as religious. I was hoping the discussion would focus more on my first post: agnostic can be theist or atheist. I'd like to see the poll again with the only choices "theist" and "atheist"