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Originally Posted by nostrum09 View Post
... religion was responsible for our initial moral code.
What do you base that on? I've demonstrated this is not only unecessary but unlikely.

Religion is a man made construct, just as morals are. Man believed certain things and used religion as the tool to ensure that society followed along. I'd argue that in civilization's infancy, had it not been for religion we wouldn't be nearly as advanced, since there wouldn't have been anything to hold people together.
I'll agree with that. Religion subvert the familial instincts and projects them onto a much larger group. Beyond helping to form strong tribes and building people willing to sacrifice themselves for people they aren't related to, I think it outlived it's purpose. Of course, none of this makes it true- just a secular tool that people still believe in.

I'm not sure why you think I set it up as a strawman.
Because nobody claimed we know everything.