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Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
I believe that religion is a time-based reflection of morality of a people. If it's chicken or egg scenario, well... morality is the cause of religion. It is a documented guide to being a member of society, and every single one we have at the moment are enforced by superstition.Unfortunately it doesn't have an expiration date. Christianity has tons of stuff that is ignored today and discounted to the "Oh, well, that shit was how they did it back then. We need condoms today!". However for whatever reason the supersticious part of religion hasn't been erased as simply. I don't know what the formula for this kind of brain stamping is, but I bet that any modern company would kill for something this marketable.
I see nothing objectionable with the above and can agree with it. As I've ended up clarifying my own position, I'm in agreement with those who believe that too much religious control in present day is detrimental. Take a look at some of the countries in the Middle East who follow Sharia law to the letter.

My argument has been more along the lines that in the infancy of civilization, religion served as a method of enforcing man-made morals on a society, and this in turned help to keep people organized. I'm not sure what else could have had the same effect so long ago.
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