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Boston BMW Meet November 1st, 1pm

Where: Larz Anderson Park in Brookline
When: 1pm
Why? Cause its been a while since the folks in Boston have had a Meet

I figure we can meet at Larz Anderson and then head to dedham and grab food or something... I'm not putting a lot of planning into this one.

Guys Just made an edit...Still 1pm but on Sunday... not saturday, there are a lot of people AXing on Saturday...

55fanatic M3
JeffL M5
leemik M3
Robo Squirel M3
KylesTT 335
Fatmike(SC300, LOL)
Lizak187 M3
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Ibeclueless 328
TL 335
Arustick 1 335
lyjw88 335
Blueaudi18 335
jopa489 328
Mogarbage taxicab
Lowcho E90
GottalovetheXi 330xi
jjr4884 330
ATF 325xi
CWBIV 750 or 330
silkysmooth M3
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32 til 4 328
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Tunedreference 328is
sketchyD M3
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