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Originally Posted by warzilla View Post
I say be fair and respectful to people.
So in reality, what your saying is that you disagree with the way in which the OP conducted himself as well? Good to see that most of us are on the same page.

An opening offer of $45k is not out of the question barring the obvious next step of negotiating a final price. However, the offer shouldn't even be taken with much weight in the first place since it came before the buyer even had a chance to see the car in person. It was just a 'feeler' number he tossed out.

As for emthree4me, apparently now he seems to be covering his blunder by baiting haters. However, he appears to be the only one on the inside of his jokes. I'd say this thread is done and should probably be locked.

My final statement on the matter is that selling a car shouldn't ever become personal. Its a business transaction. Anything beyond negotiation and inspection is simply self serving.