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gatorfast, lets take what you just wrote and break it down.

Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
When you buy a car from a dealership do you just walk in and pay what the sticker says or do you offer a lower price?
Yes, you put in a lower price, but that is the difference between a lowballer and someone who just wants a good deal. When asking for a lower price during a purchase, one normally would understand what is the cost of the item to buy and what is the lowest number a seller would sell it at. A lowballer just gives a price that is not just a realistic for the marketplace, its more like their 'wish' number. I don't see any lowballers on this forum, throwing a price that is anyway realistic or even a workable for starting a negotiation.

Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Really nothing more to it and no one should take offense to what one party offers.
Here is one big peace of reality you don't seem to realize. When one tries to sell anything of a certain value, and then a 'buyer' puts a value that is way below market value; the seller will naturally be insulted.

Take this methophar. You plan on painting a house for a fee. You know that normally this sort of work would be paid $10.00/hr. You plan to work 8 hours (1 day). How would you feel if someone says they would pay only $2.00/hr for the work to be done? A fair and market value would be say $8.00/hr. But you just got a 'lowballer' price. A price that had no tie to what the market really is. But its someone who tells you what they value your time. How would you feel?

Now take this feeling and now put it on a public forum, where people all around can post to the public what they think your work (or car) is worth?

Do you get it?

Lowballers are bad cause:

1) they cause ill feelings for the sellers, especially on public forums

2) give prices that are beyond reason or reality of the marketplace - no matter what you say, no one is going to private sell a 09 e92, fully loaded and low miles for 45k or below. People who are truly buying that kind of car have stated that on this very thread what prices are going for, right now - and its not that low.

3) really hurts the marketplace because real buyers and sellers, people who are trying to understand the current market value of these cars are getting mis-information from lowballer pricing.

Ok, I'm on a crusade against lowballers, what can I say. I say be fair and respectful to people.