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Very Weird and Unique Experience

Before ordering my m3, as most of us did, i contacted several dealers for a quote and ordered my car on 10/01/09 from BMW Passport. So today, (about half an hour ago) i received a call from BMW of Annapolis (a month after we last talked) and asked if i made my decision. After i told him that i made the order with Passport, he offered me to change my order and that he would beat the price by $1000 first, when i said no, he offered $1500. (btw he has no clue what i paid).

On another note, he also mentioned that if i cancel the order, legally, the dealer is obligated to refund the $1K deposit. Is this true? Because i had to cancel my first order due to family issues so can i get my first deposit back..?

To me this is very weird, on one side, the very nice sales rep that i bought the car from who was paitient with my M3 crazy questions, on the other side, the jerk who didnt give a crap until he realized that i ordered my car.
I chose my nice sales rep due to his kindness and i also believe that i got a pretty good deal.

I can refer my sales rep to anyone in DC area. Feel free to contact me...