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Originally Posted by Boost3dm3 View Post
what about the headlight washers any special notes since some of us may have them?
Nope. Did mine a few weeks ago. They're fixed; you just have to slightly lift the bumper there to clear the nozzles. In fact, the washers worked perfect for me since I was by myself; I just pushed in the bumper slightly inclined to one side, waited until the nozzle 'popped' (holding the bumper in place), then did the other .

Just a comment. I did remove the bumper only 'loosening' the inner fenders, but decided to remove them to put it back on. Not worth the aggravation of trying to line up the fender screws. Besides, I was only missing 2 fasteners on each side to fully remove them (and the wheel, of course, but I always take the opportunity to clean everything in there, including the wheels). Good luck.

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