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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Originally Posted by tkbr0wn View Post
"Your car was much faster than my m3..."

Yeah right, You had like 4 guys in there didn't you? I'm pretty sure that was the only reason I was able to keep up. Either that, or you were just playing with me... Either way, Good looking ride.
yes, haha- with some golf clubs, a tent, a full tank of gas, a cooler full of beer, 3 duffle bags and those heavy 20" bbs wheels.

still- it was a fun race because the front passenger was on the cell phone talking to his work when I decided to drop 3 gears and push teh right pedal down!- part of his conversation included, "Im sorry! What? I cant hear you, we are doing 140mph on the highway right now racing a 1 series......