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The C6 Corvette Z06 uses 6 pads in each front caliper and 4 pads in each rear. That system, supplied by PBR, leaves a LOT to be desired for those drivers pushing that car very hard (not that it is related at all to the PFC system). It might be better to use other criteria in making an evaluation.
correct not related


Originally Posted by AP Racing - Chris_B View Post
By the way, AP Racing has been making calipers and discs for professional motorsports, OE and aftermarket customers for almost 40 years. It original parent (Automotive Products plc) had been manufacturing brake systems since sometime around 1918, I believe, with Mr. Malcolm Lougheed (later changing his name to Lockheed) and his initial development of automotive hydraulic brake systems. Just a point of reference.

Same kind of sh*t could said about PF. PF makes brakes for major race series. They have many many hard race laps and championships with their systems.

AP Racing and Performance Friction are very good systems. Same could not be said for other piston-counters brake kits out there.