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Originally Posted by TLud View Post
To do this, you'll need to cut off the stock plug as shown below.
After reading that, I immediately yelled at you: 'NOOOOOOO, you don't want to do that buddy' , but Metak beat me to it. Yeah, unfortunately we reached an age where we have senior moments like that .

Since I'm going to butcher the stock knob anyway, and the LeatherZ alternative does not have the correct connector, will save the $100, just order the knob and mod it myself too (will check Metak's DIY for guidance ).

Hey man, just one thing I'm not quite pleased with it, and want your opinions on a solution: Don't like the fact the knob's 'ring' looks a lot wider than the boot below it (shaft is a lot thinner), and I don't like that. Doesn't look OEM. What did cars equipped with the ZHP package have on the boot?

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