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Talking ******** Famoso Raceway Private Track Rental - 11/21/2009 ********

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is this time of year again.... I have reserved Famoso Raceway 1/4 mile drag strip on November 21st for our exclusive use. We will have both lanes available to us as well as full use of the entire facility including the barbecue grills

Last time the event was limited to 35 cars (not including the 3 different waiting lists); this time, we will open the event up to maybe 50 depending on demand. Spots will be given on a first-sign-up-first-serve-basis, so please don't add your name unless you know for sure that you will be attending, as I would like to try and get an accurate count this time.

The payment per car is undetermined at this point in time and will likely depend on how many cars will want to attend. To be safe, however, I would estimate between $200 to $250 per car for now. Yes, I know.... Famoso (unfortunately) is one of the expensive tracks. Exact payment will be determined on November 2nd and payment should be submitted no later than November 8th as I have to meet with the owner on November 9th to give him payment and finalize a few things.

Now for the good news.....

Instead of trying to race very early in the morning (to get optimum conditions), we will start later in the day and stop 1 to 2 hour AFTER sunset depending on conditions. At Famoso, right after sunset, temps drop very fast and so does DA..... hopefully with very low temps and really good DA, we'll get an awesome day of racing

Track Address:

Auto Club Famoso Raceway
33559 Famoso Rd.
McFarland CA. 93250

Here is the current list of cars coming so far....

01) rarfinancial - CLS63 - The Quickest/Fastest CLS in the country
02) juicee63 - CLS63 - VR530 - The Quickest/Fastest 60' time Mercedes in the WORLD
03) MB_Forever - E63 P30 - Stock
04) URnext - SL55 - The Quickest/Fastest SL55 in the country
05) Blue_Monster - E55 - Stage 5+
06) bassn_07 - E55 - The Quickest/Fastest E55 (Non-NOS) in the country
07) 426Hemi - 2008 Challenger - Supercharged - The Quickest/Fastest Challenger in the country
08) BenzoBoi - E55 - Stage 5+ custom mods
09) hooleyboy - C55 - Supercharged - The Quickest/Fastest C55 in the country
10) Fantasm - Nissan GTR- some mods
11) sticky - E92 BMW M3 - bolt-ons - The Quickest/Fastest (N/A) E92 M3 in the west coast
12) Terry335 - BMW 135 - bolt-ons - The Quickest/Fastest BMW 135 in the country
13) Jangy - E55 - Stage 5+
14) YoungMedic23 - 2008 Vortech Jeep Srt8 - The fastest (non NOS) stock block 6.1L Jeep SRT8 in the country
15) Black05Hemi - Dodge Ram
16) MacGCU - C63 - Evosport ECU + Kleemann Headers

Here is a quick video from our last event.....


And here are some pictures from our last event.....

Team ///AMG

The Quickest/Fastest Jeep SRT8 (black) in the country..... 11.05 @ 122 mph

The Quickest/Fastest Porsche 996 (non Nos) in the west coast.... 10.86 @ 133 mph

The Quickest/Fastest CLK63 in the country.... 11.04 @ 130 mph

The GTR ran 11.33 @ 12x with tune and a couple of bolt-ons...

The Quickest/Fastest Challenger in the country.... at the time, it ran 11.40 @ 120 mph NA but now is running 10.18 @ 136 mph supercharged. And make no mistake, it will hit 9s this time out....

The World's most famous CLS....

If you would like to join us, please reply to this thread with your name, car, and mods.... then also PM me your full name, e-mail, and phone number.

For the latest updates on the event, please visit the main thread on

2007 E63 w/P30 ---> 12.12 @ 118.54 (99.99% STOCK - Seeking 12.0x @ 119)

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