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Originally Posted by Alex///M View Post
Technic, thanks for the response. How do I determine if I have the latest code? If it turns out I don't, what do I do to get my dealer to install the latest code and what changes (if any) will it make to my car?

Only the dealer can determine if your car requires a software update. What I have found by asking several dealers is that they don't really like to be messing too much with the car programming because it could result in modules becoming defective/disabled after the coding process. I don't know if this is because either BMW really designed a flimsy coding system or simply because dealers do not follow the correct procedure in coding vehicles. But definitely something must be wrong when all the dealers asked told me the same exact thing...

If you have a great relationship with your dealer techs/SA and you trust their job you could simply ask for your car to be coded with the latest firmware that your car can handle, but again be aware that shit could happen and most probably it will not be covered under warranty.