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Originally Posted by isugoo View Post
Stop complaining.
You have like 3 times more vacation days than average US vacation times in business and fully paid amazing healthcare vs. our sucky 3rd party health insurance.
Perhaps you ought to read my posting before will see that I have nothing to complain about (nor did I do so) re the price of an M3 since I have a US-spec car here in Europe which I bought for less than most US-spec cars are sold in the US. What I explained in my posting was in fact to point out the difference in prices to show how lucky we are in the U.S. to be able to afford these cars. Complaining, how so?

As far as your OT points re vacation days and health care, don't believe everything you read or hear. To be sure, gov't workers or those in big companies in France may get several weeks off from their jobs a year (but so do federal employees), but if you work for yourself or in a smaller company, you don't take much time off here either. And pretty much everyone in France that can afford to do so, pays for a supplemental health insurance policy. And what you pay for other fixed costs here such as car insurance, utilities, etc in France partially offsets the cost of your health insurance.