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AC schintzer ACS3 Sport M3 test drive !!!


you can find here a test of the ACS3 ! with a lot of pics...


Taking advantage of our visit to the German preparations, we could also try, in addition X6 Falcon a M3 and its V8 engine in a version that breathes large in the ACS3 Sport Coupe.

Smile, emotion, fun, sound, vraaaappp, vrooooopppp ….
Let’s be very honest from the start. The X6 Falcon transport you from point A to point B in comfort. And attract the eye with his line and his wheels. In comparison, M3 go unnoticed (well almost), until, to pass quietly into town a car which station you give a little shot of gas. Small gesture, big consequences! The sound that emerges when two titanium exhausts will jump all bystanders and children think that Godzilla is in town!

Suddenly, as the sun in Germany is well hidden behind the clouds, everything becomes clear and the smile comes. One idea crosses your mind, join the motorway or a road winding desert to be sure of what you hear!

We can go there?
To this question, my companion (Merciiiiii to him) replied in the affirmative. This means that we will have the heart net. And yes, he is the V8 the M3 ! Reviewed for the occasion, it develops 450 horsepower in theACS3(cons 420 of the base version) and 420 Nm of torque through a revised electronic box, an air box pieces and a line of titanium exhaust. In this version, he whispers as a 6 cylinder at low speeds, he cleared his voice to 3 500 RPM and beyond scolding with a flare that does not falter until the red zone! What a joy to use these vocalizations!

After reaching 100 km / h (4.8 seconds), it must then attack the first curve and it is with joy that we can count on the brakes signed AC Schnitzer (front and rear), suspension tested on the northern loop Nurburgring tires and 245/30/20 front (wheels 9 x 20) and 295/25/20 rear (rims in 10.5 x 20).

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