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thought about..

Audi S4 - thought the design was much more dated, and didnt really want a 4 door
Nissan 370z - not very practical for a daily driver, no trunk, no back seat
Porsche cayman S - no back seat or trunk, didnt want to pay the $ to maintain one out of warranty. Thought it was kind of slow.
Porsche 996 - liked the way they drove, and the car felt very special esp. with full leather, but I wasn't looking forward to the money to maintain and fix, I already have one unreliable expensive to fix car

Had to have a manual so that turned me away from a lot of cars, also prefered coupe body style. Liked the e46 M3 , but I feel that I got a car thats just as fast and good looking, but was able to get one that was much newer and tighter.

I kept going back to the 335i because it drove so smooth and quiet and everything felt like butter and had lots of low end power. Found the perfect car locally and , although it was more than I wanted to spend, I said why not
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