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10-30-09 MIR private track rental!!!!!

This was copied from the thread on e90post.

Hey all,

Hopefully some of you will be interested in attending the 1st and possibly last Fall rental at MIR.....October 30th...its a Friday. Gates will open at 9am and track should be ready at 10am.

$100/per car run as many times as you want. Hoping for 2 lanes prepped w VHT, but that will depend on the number of cars.

This should be the best chance for anyone within driving distance to run seriously fast times or just get to know their car. Very helpful people here.

I've been 5 or 6 times already, improving on my best et w/ every new track rental since the beginning of last year when I was only running V1.47 and no other mods. Havent ran the past few times as my 335 is RIP......but just might get the "new" M3 turbo down the 1320 this time.

If you have never ran the 1/4 mile, this is the perfect chance. You can ask Clem on this one, there is NO pressure, no lines, only enthusiasts, relaxed rules, and a great time to be had. Doesnt matter what you are driving either. Last November there was a stock Audi A8 running 16's....driver having a blast the whole time.

Here is a link to the Columbus day rental from last year so you can see what you missed........ACR viper setting a new record for one :

Will only post 2 pics for now.....this was earlier this year.


Clem and I filling up w the good stuff....cracktane if you will