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At one point, I was thinking of replacing both my cars -- getting the 335i coupe and a different sedan to replace my 5-year-old geezer. (The M5.) The TL Type-S was the front-runner for a while. I never did get to drive one. The salesman I talked to -- let's call him Mr. Attitude -- never called me back after I'd visited him.

Anyway, I started evaluating the Type-S. Very cool nav, some nice features, too, including the rear camera. Don't remember if it had rear sensor (park distance control) or not. Has Xenons, but fixed focus -- no auto-leveling, and I don't think it had anything like adaptive lighting.

But ... would you believe that the thing that finally turned me off was a rain sensor for the wipers?

About a year ago, several friends and I went on a trip. Two carloads of us coordinated to meet in the middle for dinner. It was a FOUL Friday night -- alternating between pouring and no rain, with everything in between. I got into my car (the M5), activated the rain sensor, turned on the stereo, and drove. Oh...and talked with the guy who was riding with me. Set the cruise at a reasonable speed (ahem) and a couple hours later met up with the other carload. My friend -- the driver -- gets out, and first thing he says is how aggravating the drive was. "Huh?" I asked. He said he was CONSTANTLY futzing with the wipers for the whole trip. "Umm...I just put mine on sensor and ignored it."

Cute story, right? Here's the clincher...

About a month ago, I'm driving home late at night. It's been raining heavily, but isn't raining right now. I am in the left lane on a high-speed road, cruising right along. I hit a MONSTROUS hydroplanes; rear starts to come around. Hitting the puddle covers the windshield. All I can see is water. Between the traction control, the ABS, and me, I managed to get the car back under control and avoid the concrete barriers. By the time I finished sorting all that out, the rain sensor had fired the wipers, and I could also see that I needed to make a steering correction to stay off the concrete barrier. By this time, I've regained traction, and I steer back into the lane. Other than the adrenalin hit, all is well.

The kicker? This was in my $21k, three-year-old GTI. How come VW can put a rain sensor in a GTI, and Honda can't find the pennies to put one into a car engineered to a $40k price point? The rain sensor made a difference that night in keeping me and my car safe. The TL has the high-zoot stereo and the gee-whiz backup camera, but neither of those things make a difference when the car's on the hairy edge and I'm in a dangerous DRIVING situation.

That was about the time I decided to keep the M5.
2014 F10 M5
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