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Watch out with DIY A7 connector

I installed the PSW my self last night.

I got the 6 wires from the black connector backwards in the A7 white connector. The new Coil spring cartridge that came with your PSW has the connector for A7 rotated 180 deg. compared to the original CSC.

So the #1 wire on the black connector is on the side of the little plastic extension.
If you use the plastic extension as a reference on A7 (That would be logical if the BMW idiots didn't rotate the socket on the new CSC), you'll mount the wires wrong on the connector. The plastic extension on the A7 connector is on the #6 wire side.

It cost me 6 hours to find it out last night. I got mayor errors in the car. When i started the car the horn would blow, Airbag warnings. I went over every component i installed. I wasn't till i got the two SCS cartridges side to side to check the connector pins that is saw that the socket was rotated 180Deg. This is a nice addition to step 18->

18. Read PDF instruction and remove wires from the Black connector ( the one I told you not to connect to your new Coil spring cartridge) and insert them into A7 white connector. They are numbered 1-6 and you need to insert them the same way ... #1 from Black connector goes to #1 in A7 White connector and so on ...

FYI after finishing at 2AM i took the car out for a test drive. Passed a copper with 320KM/h on the dial....Hit the brakes. Guy pulled me over and i got away with a warning. My Lucky Day! Next time i it happens in the middle of the night in might be better to make a run for it!