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Originally Posted by buschy View Post
THanks, that helps, I like bamboo, But my e93 had fox and I loved it. However, I never even thought about the fact that the fox red might not be loved as much in my e90 and it was in my e93. hmm.
I think I am going to go with bamboo, and I might not go with extended either.
I would agree .. on the E92/E93 the rear seat setup really breaks the color so that allows for some aggressive shades. I've seen FR on an e92 and it looks stunning. The setup in the E90 unfortunately allows conservative colors .. i.e. black/beige/silver. Regardless FR extended requires some courage.

And go for the extended BB if you are not on a budget (and you have every reason to be on one even if you could afford it 10x over) .. it's one of the few colors that really stand out on the dash and gives the ambience a nice hint of luxury. Remember it is the INTERIOR that you are going to see the most.