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Originally Posted by slammedm3
The other thing is, if you want extended, I would NOT pick Fox Red. I think its too much, it looks weird and out of place on the bottom parts of the dash. Im so happy I didnt get Fox Red (and I seriously contemplated it for a while). Bamboo in extended is VERY nice IMO. Since this is a sedan, I would probably go Bamboo extended.
+1 .. couldn't have said it any better. No way I will buy FR extended. Also I would like to note I'm 35 and a father of two young ones so consider my demographic. I can't even fathom putting a child seat into an FR car, it will "put" me into a mid-life crisis.

Originally Posted by buschy View Post
poll is close, anyone else?
I think I am leaning toward fox, but saw bamboo in person again today and its nice too.
buschy .. unfortunately for you they BOTH look nice so .. let me try to give you a way to objectively think about this (if at all it is even possible).

1. Classic & Luxurious look .. you just can't beat a JB/BB. The blue-ish shiny hue in sunlight with an understated beige look screams luxurious P-car. It IS the look I crave and will always be my 1st preference.

2. Fox Red is nowhere as hard on the senses like Imola or Coral Red so it is a good choice as well. However, I prefer it with Space Grey more than Jerez .. as the blue on a sunny day will not contrast "too" well with it. The place I don't really appreciate FR is on the back seat of an E90. There is no "break" in the seats (like the coupe) and one large/continuous seating surface and back rest in FR (even though it is a muted red) is a bit much for me.

Finally if you are going to ever consider resale .. the JB/BB combination will be much easier to sell. Then again I am of the opinion that you don't buy a car for the next owner but it is something to keep in the back of your mind.

good luck .. either way it's gonna be good. Who cares about the interior .. your eyes are going to be looking at the road and the tach ...