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Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
I hope you are referring to people who pose in front of supercars and not the M3...

There are some of us out here that, despite our best daily efforts, planning and dreaming big, still cannot afford the car that we (I) dream about daily.
I wasnít really referring to any particular car. Yeah, the douche bags that I was referring to likely arenít posing in front of accords or civics, but yeah, the oneís in front of certain MBZís, BMWís, and of course your Ferrariís and Lambos. And trust me, itís not everyone I am talking about. I mean I canít afford a Lambo or Ferrari and I will gladly take a pic of one, but itís the people that dress up and strut around the show like they are a million bucks, but are actually just cheap skuzzy people. Trust you me, this is 75% of the L.A. Auto show attendees.

Sorry for the thread hijack.
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