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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
Manual gearbox.
Standard exhaust.
Not a BMW development driver (full face helmet).
A pretty normal external antenna for 2-way radio (advanced telemetry...??!!)
BMW badges uncovered
Testing with other manufacturers around (or public)


Tuner testing aero add-ons (they look like prototypes to me, as no-one would have such tacky struts to hold the rear wing in place).

Or.......BMW testing market reaction to the idea of a GT4-alike M3 (without actually putting a real car out in public) and all of the above is a bluff.
well, I'm not an expert in the field of telemetry so I'm not sure what is 'advanced' and what isn't. But the whoever is testing the car bothered to change the antenna between the one in the photographs and the one in the video. May be it's nothing, but I'm guessing that they a.) have quite a lot of equipment for this sort of thing and b.) are serious about getting the data.

As pointed out by many, it would be weird for a tuner test just aero add-ons on a car with a roll cage, video camera and telemetry transmitter. It would be good if they did that (at least when they say "track proven" it would mean something) but it's a bit extreme isn't it? A rear wing prototype could be tested just the same in a wind tunnel, surely?

The idea of a "competition package" could be much closer to the truth. Seeing that they did it for the M6, it would not stretch the imagination too much if they do the same for the M3. Perhaps just some suspension tweaks and some aero bits... may be...