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2010 E90 SG/FR/DCT on it's way

hey everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts on this forum. i'm a longtime lurker, but have researched the M3 for months before ordering a 2010. This forum has been invaluable in negotiating a fair price. Just wanted to post what I got to help anybody out. Anyway, I started looking about 2 months ago for a 2009, but sedans are difficult to find esp if you're particular about colors and options. I almost pulled the trigger on a SG over Black with alum trim, but really wanted FR with carbon leather (the 0.9 was soooo tempting). I finally decided to screw the financing and just order a 2010 the way I wanted.

Let me back up just a bit and say I was leaning heavily towards an 2010 audi S4 if it came remotely close in driving performance (it would have saved 10K) and test drove both back to back with my wife. We drove the S4 first and were really impressed. Then drove the M3 and my wife said in front of the CA "Honey, you have to get this car, it's way better than the Audi!!!" Note to everyone, remind wife not to be so enthusiastic in front of CA. Anyway, that was at Crevier (socal) and they wouldn't budge below 2500 over invoice. Now, I knew people were getting better deals, and mentioned this, but no movement. I went to Irvine, and cut a deal over the internet for $750 over invoice + M3 floormats.

So that's the deal I got, not the best I've read, but not the worst and in the end I'm happy with the deal, esp since I live in Irvine. If anyone wants the name of my CA, feel free to PM me.

Sorry about the long post, got carried away. I can't wait for the car to arrive!!!

P.S. Was at the OC auto show today and I swear there must have been 20 people constantly around the M3, snapping pics. Why do people feel the need to take pics of themselves in front of display vehicles?
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