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The price of being european, things cost pretty much double of USA price, and in terms of average wage, we earn less also!

going to configure my M3 later, with first drops of snow arriving, i wont be able to drive a M3 till March, guess 3-4 months order time, start of December sounds a good time.

thanks for the info, i wanted to have a decent idea of the expenses and extras before i went into the store, as my french is only basic/medium level great bit of info here!

glad you spotted the configure option on the site, i noticed most car companys dont have this and its good idea and useful source.

what sucks even more, if you want a 911 turbo you need 120k euro so then closer to 200,000 USD

then you got american cars that imported to europe and cost double the sticker price then in america and often 2 years old.

let the good times roll, and be a bit more aprecitive of your M3 because it is really that special of a car.

also 1 MILLLION MERCIS for the new discovery of the french configure function, we own 3 land rovers and hopefully will convert over to BMWs so theres a few more cars then the M3 that i need to configure