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Originally Posted by firewired View Post
The wait is bad enough, the hard part is the lack of communication. I know mine also must be getting close. Finished production 9/21 arrived VPC 10/12, but my dealer isn't giving me any indication of a concrete time frame. When I called him a couple of days ago after checking all he could say is, "should be here by the end of the month."
That does suck. It seems that once the car is released to the trucking company there is no easy way to track it. I would bet your car will arrive by the middle of next week.

Now I'm going through the next hard part of getting a new M3, keeping it below 5500 rpm for 1200 miles. I've driven everywhere I could think of today and still only have 160 miles on the car. My wife loves it though because anything she needs picked up I am all over it.