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park ave is THE WORST in my opinion. my family had bought a pre-cert bmw from there, we got it home and my parents had been complaining about how terrible the braking is. they brought it back to them turns out there was catastrophic failure to the braking system. they denied paying to fix it until lawyers got involved...

fast forward a few years a person I no longer talk to bought a bmw from them. they brought it in for an oil change and left the car over night. 3 days later they called the dealship, they claimed she never brought the car in or she already picked it up (they couldnt find the car). turned out after filing a police report the lowjack found it in staten island TRASHED. the dealership denied responsibility even after the police determined there wasnt forced entry (no broken windows, locks picked) they refused to deal with it. This person wanted a new car as the car was only 2 or 3 months old. Park ave offered to change the oil. after this person ruled out that they werent getting a new car, they fought for new brakes pads/rotors which were warped from the joy ride, the reimbursement for the joy rider using the ez pass, the repairs to the trashed interior, new tires, etc. they refused.... this person had to take them to court to get reimbursed for park ave's neglect.

These have been my experiences with Park ave. Mileage may vary. your mileage can ONLY BE BETTER, so Im glad you eventually got your $$