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Just a FYI for anyone doing this, In my install which was done perfectly without messing up the wires or messing up the steering angle sensor I still got two errors which were the passenger restraint system malfunction and the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel were not working. The oled on the steering wheel itself worked fine and I could see my rpms and other data. After doing a lot of diagnosing I narrowed it down to the coil spring cartridge. For some reason the signals were not going through. So if you are getting those two problems then it could be the coil spring cartridge. To be sure you can check the leads on both sides of the coil spring cartridge where the front has two sockets one for the airbag connectors and the other for the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel trim. Each pin inside those sockets should have continuity to one pin in one of two sockets on the rear of the coil spring cartridge aka slip ring. I tested mine and it came out to be roughly 1 ohm of resistance for each pin. If there is a pin without continuity the unit is most likely damaged and must be replaced with part number 61319122381 which is the same cartridge for the x5 with heated steering wheel.

Also I found that if you install the wheel yourself that exchanging this part or any part I believe involved in making the performance steering wheel work under warranty is not possible or would be difficult because the dealership is the only entity that can say a part is defective under warranty and if you install the part yourself they will argue that you installed the part incorrectly. The problem with this is that neither side has any proof that the part is truly defective and not broken because of user installation error. Since I had to learn this the hard way I thought I would share it with anyone thinking of installing this wheel or other parts. again of course YMMV
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