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yea its a big risk doing it yourself. It can be done, I installed mine flawlessly using the official instructions and the ones provided by doba but the real risk is that if something goes wrong you may get screwed. In my situation I bought my wheel also from tischer and after installing got two errors which were the passenger restraint system malfunction and the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel were not working. The oled on the steering wheel itself worked fine and I could see my rpms and other data. After doing a lot of diagnosing I narrowed it down to the coil spring cartridge. For some reason the signals were not going through. I contacted tischer and unfortunately they can't exchange it as defective without a bmw technician saying its defective. Here lies the dilemma, because I installed the wheel myself, any technician will and did in my case say that it was installation error that caused the coil spring cartridge to be damaged but of course I took the utmost care and precision in installing it into my car. Who has the last say? BMW of course so BMW 1 Me 0 . Really tho I think nobody can actually prove anything I mean whos to say it was or wasnt a factory defect. If everything goes smoothly then its all fine but anything and I MEAN ANYTHING goes wrong you can be in some deep shiets. I had no choice but to take the car into the dealership and $300+ later my steering wheel and buttons work with no error messages and the cause was a manufacturers defect in the coil spring cartridge according to me and a installation error according to the dealership.

Most importantly though be careful and take your time or just hire someone to do it. You can contact pseto or dondon on e90post for the name of a installer that works at tischer and will do it on the side.
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