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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Do you mean a pre-spool system for the turbocharger? I seriously doubt it would be feasible, because of the very high RPMs needed for the turbo. The turbo's very efficiency comes from the fact that there is no mechanical linkage to sap energy. Just makes no sense to me. Any future KERS system is more likely to integrate directly in the transmission (and thus no manual transmission option on those cars).
Yes thats what I mean. Not sure if it is feasible but fits nicely in my mind! The high rpms issue may be solved with appropriate gearing if needed - although the electric motors would only kick in at lower turbo rpms, then exhaust gasses would take over.

I am not saying it would work (mechanically or financially) but at least it makes sence to my mind.

BTW, what's sap energy?

Using KERS straight to the wheels is the more obvious solution, but for street use I am not sure what kind of advantage it would really offer. Plus this sudden surge in power could be dangerous, unless it is electronically watered down / smoothened out, or made available in higher speeds only.