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Hello All!

My car has arrived at the dealer, I will be picking it up on Monday.

After this ordering process I will give my $.2 for those that are still tracking their cars.

My car was ordered on August 30th and arrived on port on October 13th. It basically took 2.5 days to go through the preparation center so the EPA hold has definitely been removed.

From my experience, the 1800 number seemed about half a day more accurate than the OC(I checked the status on my car about 10X a day per method!!!). This number stopped being accurate once the car was shipped from Munich. From there on I just called the dealer or looked online.

I also noticed a strange pattern on the OC, although the options did not show correctly, they were there. And during the only times the OC did not show any options at all, it was right before the transition to one of the steps, Ie. From Scheduled to production to en route. So you basically predict when it will change status.

On the 1800 number the representatives are very nice but are not very helpful, they say they cannot provide certain information or that they do not have it, but they do, if you insist or ask for a manager you can get any info on the car.

I want to thank all of you and congratulate this forum on the tremendous wealth that can be found here!!! I have learned, in my opinion, too much about the car.

Thank you,


P.s. If you guys have any advice to give on the car please do so as it is my first real-wheel drive car and fastest I have ever owned. My second fastest was an Acura TL.