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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
The CSL will be more cost effective (I don't mean cheap) this go around secondary to increased availability of the materials. Though they are testing it, it would still need to be cost effective and be useful in marketing.
Sure, I just don't see it being any more out of reach than for an M5, at least not for cost reasons.

Also, BMW ALWAYS launches new technology in a new model so there is not a chance it would be released in the ///M3 before the ///M5. Why do you think they released the F01 when they did- new iDrive, F07 new N55 motor etc.... you will always see a new model get the new stuff first.
I somewhat agree that it makes more sense to debut KERS on the M5. For marketing reasons, mainly. But I don't think BMW has any sort of hard and fast rule about when to introduce new technology. For example BMW intro'd SMG in the middle of the E36 M3 model run. They use technology where it makes sense, when it makes sense.
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