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Originally Posted by ChrisV View Post
Exactly. Even styling.

Actually, Honda and the Germans will get a pass when something happens. If Toyotas sludge their engines, and Toyota says it's a user problem, well, they just keep selling "reliable cars." A couple people complain, but no one really cares. If Toyota truck frames rot out in a year, and it takes a LOT of effort to get Toyota to step up and do something about it, Toyota is praised for looking out for their customers, where any domestic manufacturer would be skewered.

Let BMW make crappy plastic radiator tanks and constantly cracking expansion tanks for 3, 5, and 7 series for over a decade and BMW fans say it's "just something you have to watch for." But, let that happen to ONE Ford or GM model ONE year, and by god, "we'll never buy a car from them again, because they are unreliable."

It's not a matter of Ford or GM doing it worse, but a matter of people giving excuses for the other brands for doing the exact same things.

And of course, there are the snobs who equate cost with prestige and status, and woudn't buy a cheaper domestic product because, no matter how good it might be, it's domestic, so it can't be something to desire.
And Mike Miller is the biggest proponent of this philosophy. According to Mike, most "modern' BMWs (anything after the E30) need to have radiators and water pumps replaced every 60,000 miles as preventative maintenance for the cooling system. Are you kidding me! If you had someone say that about a American Domestic car, they'd just say "yeah, typical GM/Ford/Mopar quality." How many times has Miller said a BMW automatic transmission is pretty much shot at 100,000 miles?

What does the majority of members on this board belive? Better buy the extended warranty if you plan to keep your BMW past 50,000 miles. I've seen many posts of owners scared shitless as they come up on 50K miles. Funny. They wouldn't even dream of buying domestic.

But we all keep buying BMWs...