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Originally Posted by dillon733 View Post
+1 sorry but i have to agree. The V12 vantage is one beautiful car but like stated earlier it was an aston promo vid and it should have been tested around a track and the stig should have drove it to get a time around the top gear track.
Believe me . You will see more of the Aston next season im sure. Plus there's a few scenes in Jeremy Clarkson's DUEL DVD containing footage of the V12 Vantage. I'm sorry but i strongly disagree with you guys. Top Gear is always outlandish, funny, exciting, etc. And if they wanted to they could have pulled out all the usually stunts they usually do. Blow things up, race a grandma on a jet powered scooter, make a dog drive the Aston etc. But they simply were trying to get a point across. And i believe they achieved that.