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Which motocross bike to buy?

We just plowed out about one kilometre of 10 foot wide track out back in our hilly field. It's for my wife's horse training, but I don't see why I shouldn't sneak in a little motocross when she isn't lookng!

Question is, what do I get? I'm 6'1", 195, in good shape. My only experience is on road bikes. I don't intend to do crazy stunts, I just want to get out and thrash around a bit, maybe build a couple of jumps and some cool berms and the like.

A pure "off road" bike is cheap and doesn't require licensing nor insurance up here. A dual purpose would get me on the street, but then high insurance rates and licensing would apply. Also I would be tempted to ride it with all the crazies up here, and I swore I wouldn't street ride until my girls are grown up.

Are all the Jap brands equally great? Is a 125cc too small for me? Of course my dream bike is a R1150GS, but that is for later! Even a F650 Dakar would be nice, but still too expensive for this use.

If I could find a used bike around here that would be cool, but I'm afraid that it will have had the crap kicked out of it already, and I'll have nothing to use shortly after I buy it.

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