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Thks for a very analytical response warzilla! It just made sense and I cant see why so many wannabe sales pundits here can not see the irony of my reply. .

Originally Posted by warzilla View Post
I think this is probably where we may disagree. I don't think saying 45k for a 09 M3 coupe that is spec'ed out as per the seller's description is a serious inquiry. That is sort of my point on the lowballer mentality. If its normal that a 09 M3 Coupe, fully loaded and low mileage can come at 45k, then thats fine. But I don't think that is EVEN a realistic buying number for a private sell. Hence it throws out any pretense that the buyer was serious.

Again, if you can get above 45k for that car at a dealer, why would someone sell to a private buyer for under that? Its just not realistic. I asked on this thread if someone can prove me wrong here and actually show a case where they brought a 09 M3 Coupe, fully loaded, low mileage at such a price. Until someone shows me otherwise, I think the point is made that 45k is just unrealistic and not a true buying price for a private sell.

As for the argument that you and others make that its part of the negotiating process, I say bullocks. A true negotiation comes when two parties want to a) sell/buy an item and b) can reach a range of a price that leads to the settlement of a final price. But when one party shows no true honestly nor even remotely close to a range, then there is no framework for a negotiation. And it goes back to my point, the guy was 'lowballing' AND not making a low offer. Big difference.

Just to keep on going here, I have sold many cars in my lifetime to private sells including a 335 coupe earlier this year. And I have brought/sold many homes as well. From my experience, anytime you have a sell, you work with a bid from a buyer. Part of that is you look at what the market bears (from both sides). So again, if you look at this case, where is the market for a 09 M3 coupe, loaded, low miles? From a private sell outlook, does it come at 45k? I think not, not by a long shot. You may say yes on auction, but guess what, this is not a auction sell. So if a buyer is serious, they should understand the delta on what is out there and when you come in at 45k - which by the way is almost 30% off what the seller's price is (58k)- its beyond realistic. And hence when I say its a problem that I call the "lowballer mentality", which to be honest is sooo prevalent on this forum and other BMW forums in general. I've been to other brand forums but for some reason, a 'lowball-them' mentality really sticks here, and from what I've seen on the marketplace, there is no realistic basis for it. NOTE: To prove my point, just did a search in a 300 miles radius from my location and the lowest 09 M3 coupe on the market, again private sell, was 57k. Zip I used was: 07652

Now again, if you guys disagree and think that 45k is a even remotely reasonable price for the car that we are talking about, please show me or tell me of a car that was brought at that price. Proof is in the pudding gents/ladies.
kinda hard for me to believe a guy that drives a volkswagen have any stake in this matter
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Warzilla, really living up to the name lol. I dont think $45K was that unreasonable. Its a used high performance car in a recessionary market...maybe he figured the OP was strapped for cash and might accept the offer. Who knows? Like others said, it cant hurt to ask. Its not like the guy offered $5k or something....$45k is def not outlandish.