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Originally Posted by texasdoc View Post
I think I may go ahead and try to assemble a wheel/tire combination based on all the hard work of you guys. I appreciate the help! I visit my parents occasionally and have to drive a long distance through rural east Texas to get there. It would be just like the guy who got the flat in Montana--"What's that tire for? A John Deere?"

Regarding a jack.... I suppose I could always just call for roadside assistance to change the tire, but would prefer to change it myself. Obviously the new 3 series come with RFT and thus no jack or lug wrench. What would you guys recommend for something both cheap and compact that works with the M3?

I have a jack that I bought for carrying around in my E46 M3; it's the OEM BMW unit that came with the E46s. The E90s have the same jackpads as the E46s on the underside of the car, so it fits fine. Having said that, I've read a number of anecdotes about the BMW jack collapsing, so if I ever need to use it I am going to be careful. I also bought a t-handle lug wrench at AutoZone or similar, since those are a lot easier to use than the OEM L-shaped wrench.