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Additional info about the RS46

Racing Dynamics/RD Sport, calls this engine upgrade, the RS46.
The RS46 is rated @ 527 HP at the crank on 93 oct gas. 115 HP per liter!
MSRP for the RS46 stroker conversion is $32,000.00.
The regular stock E9x M3 engine has been bored and stroked to 4610cc/4.6 liter V8, as opposed to the stock 3999cc/4.0 liter V8. It also has equal lenght, handmade, 42mm headers, (2) 100cell cats and full exhaust. All internal engine component replaced meet or exceed BMW's stock parts replaced. For example, RD Sport used larger Mahle pistons, the same company that provides pistons for BMW's stock M3 E9x engines.
When the SAE corrected dyno results, 430whp & 338 wtq were done, the car only had 2000 miles on the conversion, run on 91 oct gas and final software was still being developed. It has now been driven 8k miles on 93 gas and with the final software, it is expected to be at least around 440-445whp and 350-355wtq SAE, and all naturally aspirated. Essentially, putting down the same torque at the wheels than most super chargers while remaining naturally aspirated and with engine warranty.